How and why millennials are using smart speakers.

In this report Audience Lab examines how millennials use the Amazon Echo Dot, what features and content they prefer, as well as why they use the Amazon Alexa interface and certain services. In order to fulfill these research objectives, the Audience Lab has designed an innovative method-mix within the Living Labs approach that combines a period of experience sampling, where participants complete short surveys twice a day, with follow up focus groups, which gather context and clarification about the data gathered during the survey period. Combining the experience sampling surveys with focus groups follows the Living Lab framework; a method that prioritizes experimentation in a real world setting, highlights participants as co-creators, and most importantly involves an ideal mix of qualitative and quantitative data collection.

Primary Investigator: Dr. Frauke Zeller

Report Authors: Hanako Smith, Haley Coppins, Sahar Raza, Dr. Charles Davis & Dr. Frauke Zeller

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